Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Plastic Man Top 10 Fave Awards 2008 - Number 7

At Number 7 is 1:18 scale movie's cars!
I have always wanted to collect die cast cars but due to the lack of space and $$, this is one collection that I decided not to follow up on.
However, since I collect movie related toys, there is no reason why I should not pick up cars that appeared in movies...Ha Ha smart right.
I like the 1:18 scale because they have the best details.
I currently have:
Tumbler (Hot Wheels) from Batman Begins & Dark Knight
Batmobile (Hot Wheels) from the first Batman movie
De Lorean (Sun Star) from Back to the Future II
Ecto 1 (Joyride) from Ghostbusters


The Cars with their trophy!

Closer look at these cars as I have not reviewed them yet

De Lorean


Anonymous said...

Wow, a very nice set of movie cars collection you've got there!

I also like the 1:18 scale model cars but they are too expensive and large (storage constraints) for me.

If only they made far fewer types of Lamborghini model cars, then I would collect the 1:18 scale versions :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Juliana...1:18 rocks!


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