Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its Christmas time...

Was inspired by Joshua's christmas banner so I decided to also spread a little cheer around by "christmasfying" my banner.
Merry Christmas to all and have a very good year ahead!


Kenny said...

Haha... neat. Merry X'mas.

Joshua said...

Nice rendition for christmas banner bro!!!!

was thinking around the same lines before about putting a hat onto the old sandtrooper...haha! till i decided to chuck a small stormie up the tree!

neat! cheers and merry christmas brother!

Little Plastic Man said...

Merry Christmas guys!
Joshua - I like the stormie up in the tree!...LOL

LEon said...

Nice touch! Maybe I should do one too!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I like your Christmas banner! :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - Yeah...lets spread the Christmas spirit by doing up your banner!
Juliana - Thanks!


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